Beauty Review - NuNAAT Haircare

I recently had the pleasure of doing a review on a haircare product line called NuNAAT.
NuNAAT sources natural ingredients from the Brazilian Rainforest regions. Some of these ingredients include  Acai, Garlic, Green Keratin, Milk Protein and Brazil Nut.

I chose their NAAT Treatment Repair Care with Acai Berry and Keratin line.
This line is specific to helping with hair loss and aging hair.  It's meant to strengthen and volumize.
My contact at NuNAAT was extremely helpful in helping me choose the products best suited to my needs. I started off choosing their Chocolat line, but she let me know this Acai Berry and Keratin Collection would be better suited to my fine hair needs. She was spot on, too!

The Acai Berry and Keratin Collection Benefits:
- Super Acai Berry Antioxidants
- Reverses Damage from Overstyling
- Anti-Aging Properties
- Packed with Vitamins A, B1, C and E
- Combats Hair Loss
- Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein is an Ultra-Powerful Hair Strengthener

Açaí is a palm tree typical of eastern Amazon. It produces a fruit rich in astringent, antioxidant and antibacterial agents, and contains proteins and vitamins A, C, B1 and E. It also has a rich content of anthocyanins, natural pigments that give the fruit its purplish color. The oil extracted from the açaí is composed of fatty, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids and is used in anti-aging skin products and in after-sun products.

Keratin is an active ingredient derived from soybean, corn and wheat proteins that deeply adheres to hair fibers, promoting incredibly smooth hair through heat action. The result is strong, highly nourished hair that improves flexibility and shine.

As for MY hairs history - it is damaged, thin and color-treated.
It is also in desperate need of a haircut! It has not been bleached in over 6 months, but I do color it with a semi-permanent color and a bright vegetable based dye as well (both made by Pravana). For the sake of this review, I did NOT cut my hair during the time period I was testing, but I DID color it to see how it would work with the color and fading.

I tested these products for about 6 weeks, I wanted to make sure I had all of the information necessary to let you know the truth about how well or poorly they performed for me.  Let's get started.

This is my hair pre-product testing. Terrible breakage and split ends, not to mention faded hair color!

My scalp produces a LOT of oil. I took this pre-test pictures 3 days after my normal shampoo/condition. I previously used Frederic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner and I think it was really drying my hair out and not adding anything positive to my hair.

Yikes. Yes, I'm 38 and my hair is thinning and without help I'm going to end up wearing a wig and having 2 hairs on my head!

Here is the NuNAAT Acai Berry and Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo. It comes in a tall, flip-top bottle with full ingredient listing and directions on the back label. It comes in a 10.1 oz bottle.
'Cleanses and repairs hair, leaving it squeaky clean and ultra fit. Use regularly. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.'

Here is the Moisturizing Shampoo poured out into my hand. This shampoo is extremely thin. Like a couple steps above water in consistency.

Here is an example, after I poured the shampoo into my hand, and turned my hand over, it immediately dripped into the sink. As weird as it was at first, after weeks of use, I actually think this is helpful and I've since gotten the hang of how to use it without wasting it down the drain!

Here is the Acai Berry and Keratin Conditioner. Packaged exactly the same as the shampoo. Comes in a 10.3 oz bottle.
'Use as part of your regular routine to maintain hair’s youthful shimmer. Use regularly with our Repair Care Shampoo.'

The conditioners consistency is thinner than most conditioners I've used. I'd actually compare it to what a normal shampoo consistency is, or somewhere in between shampoo and conditioner normal thickness.

Acai Berry and Keratin Leave-In Treatment. Also packaged in a flip top bottle that is rounder and slimmer. Comes in a 5.2 oz bottle.
'Provides maximum repair to dull, lifeless hair, restoring it to a rejuvenated, healthy state. Leave in and style as usual.'

The consistency on the Leave-In is more like a standard conditioner. Slightly thick and easy to apply.

The Acai Berry and Keratin Intensive Hair Mask. Comes in a HUGE screw top tub. Comes in a 17.6 oz tub.
'Designed to replace normal conditioner two times each month and provide an intense dose of Açai Berry antioxidants, vitamins and strengtheners from Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein. Leave in for 10-20 minutes. Rinse completely. Use twice monthly, or as often as necessary.'

As you can see, it takes up the entire palm of my hand. There is probably years worth of product in this!

Back side of Mask tub.

The consistency of the Mask is about the same thickness as the Leave-In. I like that none oif this collection is overly thick, it really contributes to the helping of volume to not have all of that cream weighing your hair down.

Here is the complete collection that I was sent to review.

Now before I go further I will tell you how I tested these.
On day 1 I used the Shampoo and the Conditioner. Generally, due to the easy fade of the hair color I use, I wash my hair about twice a week. I did not adapt any of my normal routine for this review.
For my second usage, I used the Shampoo and the Mask. At Week 1 I used the Shampoo, no Conditioner and the Leave-In.  I repeated these same steps for the next 4-6 weeks with the exception of not using the Mask again until the last week of testing. The following pictures were taken 3 days after a standard Shampoo and Conditioning with the Acai Berry and Keratin Collection and after 10 days of new color application.

As you can see, my hair has much fewer split ends and generally looks healthier. I did not do any styling to this hair. It is air dried just like my before pictures for continuity.

Nothing has been added to my hair, no styling products. Just air dried . My hair is visibly less thin feeling and looking, and after 3 days without a shampoo it shows no signs of greasiness or oily scalp. Pretty impressive!!

As I'm known to do, my hair has been put up in a braid, you can see here that it is MUCH shinier and cleaner. With my previous routine and products, this would look like a greasy mess.

I have much healthier and shinier hair now. And after 10 days and 3 shampoos since my color, it still looks fresh and new. If you have ever had dyed red hair, you know this is pretty hard to still have fresh color after 3 shampoos. I am extremely impressed with that part to say the least.

SO overall, I couldn't be happier with these products. They all performed above my expectations.
Now let's get to the specifics.
For your convenience, nuNAAT® products can be purchased through a variety of retailers, including Walgreens, Sally Beauty Supplies, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Walmart or online at and

I received products from nuNAAT for free for the purpose of the review.

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