Digit-al Dozen Blue Week - Day 1

This week is the first Theme Week for The Digit-al Dozen, a nail art group of myself and 12 other fabulous bloggers (yes, we are a bakers dozen!) - We'll be posting for 1 week each month.
This week our Inaugural Theme Week is BLUE!

For today's mani I used a base of Ozotic 505 - which you can see HERE.

Over Ozotic 505 I put Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond. A gorgeous blend of all of the exact colors you would find in a Koi Pond! I have been lemming this polish for sooo long, but now it is MINE!

Matte that sucker!

How stunning is this Koi Pond polish?!?!

Now go and visit my other Dozen ladies doing Blue Week with me!

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  1. Love both versions of this mani. Well done!

  2. I Love this, and you're right there are all the colors of a coy pond in this glitter! I've been on an indie kick lately but for some reason I haven't picked up any Rainbow Honey's.

    1. this and sakura matsuri were my first rainbow honeys! i love em!!!


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