It's Hallowhimsy Time!

This lady right here has got the new Hallowhimsies from Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam, you ready to see the goods? I'll keep the talk short!

Boo, Wicked and Once Upon a Time

All the Hallowhimsies are ready to come to a town near you in the Creature Screecher!

Boo! - paired with Pure Ice Kiss Me Here (dupe of China Glaze Recycle with a better formula)

Pam describes Boo! as "Gray-ish, Blue-ish and sheer like a ghost, with pink shimmer" You can absolutely see that shimmer and this polish works on it's own or as a shimmer top coat.

In a darker angled shot, you can see that not only is the shimmer stunning, it also is a duochrome with a shift  from pink to goldish-orange.

My accent/ring finger is Essie No Place Like Chrome - Boo! simply whitened that up and disappeared, so I wouldn't suggest using it over silver! It looks fantastic over the gray polish though!

Here you can really see all of the different shades of shimmer working together. In some lights it even appears to flicker blue.

Yumz! Pam says this can be worn alone, so I will be trying it out that way one day soon!

Next up is Once Upon a Time, worn over Catrice's How I Matt Your Mother, a beautiful dark plum matte polish.

Macro-time! Look at the gorgeous translucency of these satin glitters! Good LORD! 'Halloween Colors with a pastel twist! Lavender and pastel green with micro silver and micro lavender in a clear base'

Formula was fantastic - this application is one coat How I Matt Your Mother followed by one coat of Once Upon a Time.

Application for this polish was fantastic, thin but easy to grab glitters and they came out nice and easy with just the right amount per coat.

I am super in love with the combination of colors and glitters in this. So simple yet beautiful and wearable all year!

How about some matte action? Oh yeah.

Wicked. Yes, this is the standout of the collection. Pam always seems to have that one super special polish that everyone freaks over, and I believe (judging by my informal FB poll) that this is that polish.

How's that for a macro?!  'Matte black and white glitter, red sparkly glitter in an elphaba green base' Sigh. You had me at Elphaba. I am a huge fan of the book Wicked, and it's sequel Son of a Witch. pull at my polish heartstrings.

This polish is worn alone here at 3 coats. Plus top coat. No gelous, just top coat and it smoothed out perfect. 

Not too thick or thin, this polish was nice and easy to apply, at first I wasn't getting any of those big round glitters out but then after doing 3 coats, they started coming out 2 and 3 at a time! So no fishing needed here!

The base on this polish is breathtaking, a jelly green with greenish yellow shimmer...I love how it sits atop the glitters - its like a slime sandwich. I mean that as a compliment.

The process of applying a polish like this at 3 coats will take some time. You may want to pair this over a nice green like Spoileds Im So Jaded or Cult Nails Deal With It. This is Wicked Matte.

How do you love those big, black round glitters?! Those are so gonna be the next big thing in Indie polish...I feel it.

Ya'll know I am Pam's biggest fan and cheerleader - she just knows how to make this stuff like she was born with it.  Even after 700+ polishes in my stash, she always makes something unique and ALWAYS makes me stand back and say WOW when I see her new creations.
A bottle will run you $10 and it comes with fantastic customer service and a lot of love.
She takes orders through email - which you can find on her Facebook Page.

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  1. So beautiful!!!!I'm in love with all three of them but Wicked is WOW!!!!

  2. I'm not a big indie fan, but that shimmer in Boo is undeniably pretty. Seriously tempting...

  3. And here I thought that I can't expect anything new and interesting from indie brands any more. Once Upon a Time is very pretty, but Wicked threw me off my feet. Gorgeous.

  4. Wow those Whimsies are gorgeous. I wish I could own some, I hate living in Australia sometimes.

  5. Beautiful swatches missy, these are such wonderful polishes.

  6. OH man Boo and Once Upon A Time look so pretty! I love love love purple and green combos, especially pastel ones. Too bad im on a spending limit. :( Want these ones so bad!

  7. Wiked looks so cool with those circle glitters!!! I need!

  8. gorgeous - i think Once Upon A Time is my favourite xx

  9. great swatches! those glitters ate to die for! get it? eh eh?

  10. I really love everything here, but my god, Wicked is so gorgeous!

  11. once upon a time looks great shiny and matte :) great post.


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