Julep Maven Box for October - Maven's Choice

So this month, after all the emails went out, Julep made a new box for the people who didn't want a crackle polish in theirs and called it the "Maven's Choice" box. I didn't get an email about this but saw it on another blog - thrilled me! I did not want a box this month because of the crackle polish choices so I was glad they added this other option.

Let's check it out:

Julep box upon opening. Cute orange shreds, a black paper bag wrapped with a ribbon, candy (corn) and some glitter! The basic standard Julep packaging.

I love getting used to the random candies they send, and I love candy corn, so needless to say, after the piece my cat stole, the rest of these were gone as soon as the last picture was snapped! And glitters! Halloween glitters that are probably not eye safe but definitely are nail safe! I love when Julep throws in these little extras.

Everything unwrapped.

The Maven's Choice box contained Eloise, Lisa and Keira.
Eloise is a new color launched this month - Smokey Indigo Blue Creme.
Lisa is also a new color launched this month - A Warm Pebble Gray Creme.
Keira seems to be an older shade - Deep Burgundy Creme.

My overall thoughts on the box are good. I loved the glitter bonus as I have some Halloween mani's to do that I can include those in. As for the polishes, they all seem to be colors I don't have in my stash more or less so they should fit in nicely, I will try to swatch them this week now that I've got some free time to do so. If you would like to enroll in the Maven plan it is really easy - you go to their site and take a style quiz and then they tell you what style fits you best - you choose the enrollment box you want and it comes in the mail! Their shipping is very quick and you can skip months - you can also get free months for referring people! It's really a can't lose program! If you use the code PENNY or COLOR2012 at checkout you get your first box for a PENNY.

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