Saturday Summary and My Dream Come True

Happy Saturday everyone!
Lots of stuff this week to get to, so let's dive right in!

  • Scrangie has a great preview up for the new NARS Andy Warhol Collection.
  • Great article on some choices for cuticle care by A Polish Addict.
  • Did you know there is a new A England Collection coming? It's called Gothic Beauties, and ommorphia beauty bar has the swatches!
  • Oscar De La Renta Nail Polish?! Yep. Body & Soul has the scoop!
  • Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom shows us a sneak peek of the new Color Polish line by Seche Vite!
  • Spa Ritual has a new fall collection coming - check out Nail A College Drop Out for the 411.
  • Color Club has some info on their OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund) line of Teal Polishes. I was recently reached out to by an organization called Teal Toes about dedicating a Teal Tuesday for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. The Teal Tuesdays Nail Group, as well as anyone else who is not in the group is welcome, will be doing a special Teal Tuesday Group post this Tuesday, September 4th in conjunction with National Wear Teal Day on the 7th. If you would be interested in joining us on the 4th, please email me to get the Inlinkz code and the special banner graphic for that day. It is a freestyle manicure, as long as it has teal in it!

Now let's check out the epic week in Nail Mail at the Gnarly house.

My first Rainbow Honey Polishes! How much do I love this packaging?! Even my boyfriend was impressed when he saw these.

I couldn't decide which to wear first, so I did one on each hand! Swatches to come soon!

The best thing that happened to me was this^.  I was floored when one of my readers wrote to me a few weeks ago to tell me she had an extra Illamasqua Raindrops she would send to me, just because. It arrived a few days ago, along with a Fantasy Fire! She scored some good karma points with me - Thank you Elly!!!! 

Seriously, nail polish dream come true.

Found 4 of the Saved by the Bell polishes at my local CVS. Good to know that the green one (I think it's the Screech one) is a dead on dupe for Spoiled I'm SO Jaded. Which was great, because my Jaded came brushless and after I tried to DIY it, it leaked everywhere. I have the Orange one on my toes and it is screaming neon!

Love & Beauty Trio of polishes I picked up on Copious for a penny. Is this the new bottle shape? I love it.

Rainbow Polish - Taffy. Another penny deal from Copious.

My final polishes from the new Whimsical Nail Polish Collection. And a replacement Kismet's Pajamas.

Sally Hansen Opal polishes I found at the Flea Market. No idea what they are or what they do, but they cost me a buck.

A few things I picked up at Ulta, Essence Grey-t to be here, Zoya Frida and Essence Date in the Moonlight.

After searching every store in 2 states, I finally found Downtown Brown this week. Also picked up Fergie Miami Spirit.

W7 Planet collection I scored through Debbie!

The W7 sprinkles dupes, some were a swap with Debbie, the Lava Flow I got from Debbie's giveaway.

More giveaway goodies from the Crumpet rolled in this week.

More giveaway fun!

W7 glitter, a polish from Debbie's giveaway and her bonus treat to me - Techno Teal!

W7 Glitter

China Glaze Techno Teal

Rimmel goodies from the giveaway I won

Nails Inc polishes I also won from Debbie's giveaway

As you can see, I won a massive amount of polish in a giveaway Debbie from the Crumpet had last month. We turned it into a swap so I had like 30 something polishes from her. And they didn't even all come in yet!
I also had a Julep box come in that I already posted about! I don't even know what to wear first. I'm in polish overload!
Have a great Labor Day everyone! Be safe!

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