Swatch & Review - Shimmer Cristina

Welcome to the last day of Shimmer Week on Gnarly Gnails!
I've saved MY favorite for last.

The lovely Cindy of Shimmer was kind enough to send me a bucketfull of  her beautiful polishes to review.
Since I had so many to work with I decided to swatch them a bit differently. Each of the 10 polishes I have to show you this week will be done as 50/50 Manicures so you can see the base vs. over the base, to see how well these cover. I will walk through the review picture by picture. Let's get started.


Here we are at the last Shimmer of the Week. And it's a Shimmer of the Week alright! My hands down favorite pick of the 10 I have swatched - Cristina! I've got her paired up with a gorgeous polish by Butter London - Bluey!

Cristina is described as Deep Forest Green with a hint of Red and Fuchsia Glitter. It really gave me the impression of a green on the verge of you had to know, amazing...

Of course, layering this polish over a teal polish such as Bluey, will really pull the blue from it. The red and pinks and green all compliment each other so perfectly in this polish.

This polish, along with the other 9 polishes I tested from Shimmer this week,  was perfection to apply. If I could wear these polishes every day, I would!

This is one thick coat of Cristina over 2 coats of Bluey.

Look at the smoothness of this glitter after top coat! Stunner!

Butter London Bluey is a new favorite. I recently got this during a special promo that Coterie had for bloggers to introduce their site before it was launched. Otherwise, I'd have never known the awesomeness of this polish.

Can words really even describe the perfection you see before your eyes?!

So here we are at our very last Shimmer swatching. I feel a certain sadness, but I am leaving you with my favorite today and a special Shimmer feature later today!
As you can tell, Cristina was one I was partial to from the moment I laid eyes on it - but you never know, the bottle to the nail will sometimes leave you disappointed. Obviously, there is not one disappointing thing about a Shimmer polish as I have come to learn.
Basically - you need them all.

For this weeks swatches, I have finished off each manicure with a coat of Gelous and then a standard Quick Dry top coat.  Shimmer can be found on Etsy and they retail for $12 per bottle.

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  1. Nice! I really like this one!

  2. lol - you know I hate green, and even I liked this one when I swatched it xx

  3. Very pretty, I think this may be my favourite so far :]


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