Swatch & Review - Shimmer Leslie

Welcome to Shimmer Week on Gnarly Gnails!
The lovely Cindy of Shimmer was kind enough to send me a bucketfull of  her beautiful polishes to review.
Since I had so many to work with I decided to swatch them a bit differently. Each of the 10 polishes I have to show you this week will be done as 50/50 Manicures so you can see the base vs. over the base, to see how well these cover. I will walk through the review picture by picture. Let's get started.

Today alongside Leslie, I am also using Pucci-Licious by Color Club. A gorgeous lavender creme.

Leslie in Macro - described as a Lavender Periwinkle glitter - it has silver, gold, orange and pink glitters too for a really cool depth! Look at those huge blue hex glitters! Whoa baby!

I feel like a broken record on these Shimmer polish posts, but I can't stress enough how amazing the formula and glitter coverage is. It is HARD to find a glitter this opaque that is this easy to apply.

This is one thick coat of Leslie over 2 coats of Color Club Pucci-Licious.

I felt like a cheerleader wearing this combo - LOVE!

Not only does this sparkle like a diamond, but look at how well it smooths out!!!

Great glitter close up!

Every Shimmer I have tried so far this week applies so easy and dries quickly. They do dry gritty, which is why each one I finish off with a coat of Gelous and then a standard Quick Dry top coat.   Leslie is a breathtaking blue glitterbomb!  Shimmer can be found on Etsy and they retail for $12 per bottle.

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