Swatch & Review - Shimmer Tracy

Welcome to Shimmer Week on Gnarly Gnails!
The lovely Cindy of Shimmer was kind enough to send me a bucketfull of  her beautiful polishes to review.
Since I had so many to work with I decided to swatch them a bit differently. Each of the 10 polishes I have to show you this week will be done as 50/50 Manicures so you can see the base vs. over the base, to see how well these cover. I will walk through the review picture by picture. Let's get started.


Today I will be swatching Tracy alongside Catrice's Revoltaire.

Tracy in Macro - Shimmer's description of this polish is 'A Tarnished Gold Holo Glitter" which is pretty much exactly it! I love the oldness of colors like this! It is full of old golds, silvers, pinks, holos, greens and bronzey flickers!

And here swatched with Revoltaire, they make a great couple, don't they?

You get a surprise bonus today in that I gave you a full accent nail of Tracy so you can really see how the colors pop together. 

I've said it before but it bares repeating - I am a sucker for gold! This is soooo bling-tastic!

The swatching polish that accompanied Tracy - Catrice Revoltaire, is a greenish gold polish that is very hard to describe. It was nice to apply, shown here at 2 coats under Tracy.

Tracy was another awesome dream polish to apply. This was one of the more bombed out full on glitters - which for gold, is what I personally want. The more gold the better!  Shimmer can be found on Etsy and they retail for $12 per bottle.
Every swatch of Shimmers this week has been finished off with 1 coat of Gelous + 1 coat of Jordana Quick Dry Top Coat.

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  1. Wow, Tracy is gorgeous and I love how you did the mani! It looks awesome on only half the nail :}

  2. Very pretty and vintage looking!

    1. i think so too! i love these dirty gold type polishes!


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