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How do you feel about polish trends like nail art, crackle, "fish egg" manis, etc?

It really just depends. Usually if it's a NEW idea and not a recycled idea from 20 years ago, I will like it. But not always.
For example...when crackle hit, I was kind of disgusted. Did it in high school, not interested in doing it again, ya know? And then again, when Caviar hit, it was a new idea but I just didn't like the way it looked.
But other trends really take me by storm, like gradients, stamping, tape manicures.
Like with everything in my life, I have a varied and eclectic sort of taste, I'm pretty unpredictable when it comes to trends!

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  1. Metro Birmingham should be included ;). Not really but I just want in

  2. Gradients (when done well) are one of my favorite looks as well! I think it just depends what it is (the variation, the technique, etc. also matters) some of these 'fads' are definitely made to hit the market by storm and then die off just as quickly.


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