30/31 Day Challenge: Day 31 - Recreate a Mani

I did it! I made it through the Challenge and I didn't call in sick once!

So - Happy Halloween Month - this mani should kick off the spookiest month of the year with a bang!
Also - TODAY I hit 100k views on this blog - thank you guys so much for showing any interest in my blog - it means the world to me!

Today we are recreating someone else's manicure. For todays I chose to mimick a design by Astrowifey - an amazing nail artist. I'm recreating her Skull & Bones Manicure.

While her manicure is done on black, I did mine on Kleancolor Metallic Black with some sponged on Metallic Navy.

These 2mm silver studs were sent to me to review by Born Pretty Store, and as you can see, they are what I used on my thumb. They retail for $5.73 - but at the time of this post they are currently on sale for $4.58! AND if you use my code  MG10L91 you can save another 7% OFF of your order!

I love these studs - I now have them in gold and silver of this size and larger gold ones too - they go with so many things! They are the perfect size for any nail, silver metal with hollow backs and they lay really nice and flat!

So for the pinky (far left) I put on all kinds of silver stones in varying sizes and shapes over a silver metallic polish (Essie No Place Like Chrome)

My thumb has the Born Pretty Silver Square Studs along with silver caviar microbeads I picked up from Michaels crafts store some time ago.

My index finger was done similarly to my pinky, only over a blue base and only on the top half of the nail.

My ring finger has silver hex glitter gradating from full nail to half the nail. Then my middle finger has a skull I stamped on and then I added the crossbones with a striper polish and a dotting tool, then I added little silver rhinestones to his eyes!

So this Challenge was a blast (mostly) - I'm glad I got through the entire thing without missing any days, thats a big deal for me.
For the last time, I emplore you to go visit some of these awesome ladies who did the challenge alongside me:

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