Digit-al Dozen Halloween Week Day 2

Hey ya'll - welcome to Tuesday at Gnarly Gnails!
Hope you're having a grand week - I have an interview today, so that's exciting.
We're on Day 2 of the DD Halloween Theme Week.
I knew all along one of these days I would want to rock some candy corn nails - I had some different ideas on how to set mine apart but finally settled on a watercolor candy corn design.
The kind where you drop your blobs on the nail and then place a piece of plastic wrap over it to spread it out. It's nothing like a watercolor but for lack of a better definition, thats what I call it.

I love how these turned out - nice and abstract but you are still able to tell what they were meant to be.

My base color was Orly Au Champagne. Then after that dried I painted on my nail  with a super blobbed up brush, a stripe of Au Champagne, a stripe of Sinful Colors Citrine and a stripe of Color Club Almost Famous. Then I took a piece of plastic wrap and smooshed it over the nail to spread the polish out, lifted it off and voila!

Finished with a coat of Butter London Matte Top Coat!

Hope you enjoyed my Day 2 Halloween Nails - now go check out what the other 11 ladies did:

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