Julep Swatches - Eloise, Sophie, Lisa and Keira

All the ladies are in the house today with a bunch of Julep swatches.
I've got all 3 of the Julep Maven's Choice Swatches, as well as last months Sophie from the Trina Turk Collection Box.

Let's start off with a comparison of Sophie and Lisa, both seemed sorta similar in the bottle...

As you can see, these ladies are both very different. Lisa is a very green based gray, in some light it looks more like a grayed sage green but it is overall, gray. Sophie is a taupe brown with a lot of reddish/purple base. Both are keepers in my book.

Now here are swatches of Keira and Sophie in a diagonal mani.

The formula on Sophie (the taupe shade) was good but weird. It was thick yet it ran easily and pooled on me pretty bad until I got the hang of it's formula. Shown here are two coats.

Keira had a much better formula - shown here at 1 thick coat over Sophie. Gorgeous berry burgundy creme.

Finished with 1 coat of Butter London Quick Dry Top Coat.

Here are Lisa and Eloise in a diagonal manicure.

The formula on Lisa (the greenish gray shade) was good. This is shown at 2 coats.

Eloise also had a similar formula to Keira, this is one thick coat over Lisa - a stunning slightly dusty blue creme.

Also finished with 1 coat of Butter London Quick Dry Top Coat.

A quick look at both manicures.

What do you think about this months Maven's Choice colors? Did you partake in this box as well?
I'm really happy with this months colors, and last months as well. If you are interested in joining the Julep Maven monthly box, just SIGN UP HERE!
You can get your first box for a PENNY using code COLOR2012

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  1. i love how you wore each of these! those colors are perfect together!

  2. Loving the diagonal mani look!

  3. I really love Lisa & Eloise together! Verrr nice =]

  4. I really love Lisa and Sophie! Gorgeous!

  5. I am just stuck on your awesome knuckle tattoos! I am tattooed to my wrists, but really really want knuckle tattoos!

  6. My favorite is definitely Keira! I really like the diagonal you did.

  7. Keira,

    I love your mani! Did you use any particular tools to achieve this look? Or was this all freehand?

    Marketing Specialist
    Check out our blog: http://www.blog.julep.com


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