Most/Least Expensive Polish I Own

So in one of the nail groups I'm in on Facebook, we had a challenge this weekend to post our most and least expensive polishes in our stash.
These choices of mine aren't necessarily accurate in terms of retail price. My least expensive is based on what I paid and my most expensive is based on what it's worth.
So let's see....

Least Expensive - Cult Nails Manipulative. But wait, isn't Cult Nails a $10 polish?

It is...but not if you shop on Copious with credits! This polish only cost me ONE CENT using my Copious credits a few months ago.

I consider this polish a mint blue with shimmer. The shimmer does not translate as well to the nail, but it's a beautiful polish - this is 2 coats, no top coat.

Most Expensive - Illamasqua Raindrops! Again - I realize this is only a $14 polish but....

What's even funnier is it was a gift, so I paid nothing for it. But it's worth alot. It's discontinued and hard to find, even on ebay it only pops up a couple of times a month and goes anywhere from $50-$150 bucks.

I was lucky in doing a post trying to copy this polish that a reader reached out to me and offered to send me this polish just because. Talk about a nice lady! Thank you so much Elly - I love it more than I thought was possible!

Raindrops is a sheer grey with tons of white flakies. I layered two coats here over Sinful Colors Slate, because quite honestly, I did NOT want to waste this using it on its own. It seriously is so much more amazing in person.

So there you have it - I hope you enjoyed this post - what are your most and least expensive polishes?

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  1. Love these both!! Manipulative is one of my faves! :) And Raindrops is awesome, wish it were available!

  2. i so want Raindrops!!!!!!! Manipulative looks pretty nice too. Go Copius

  3. Gotta love Copious! I got a Lynnderella for $8! :)

  4. Love this idea! And both are gorgeous!

  5. Raindrops is so unique! Love it!

  6. Great post! That FB group sounds fun! Can I join??? :)

  7. I didn't mind swapping away my raindrops - it didn't amaze me and made someone else really happy :)

  8. Both are so pretty!! And you are one lucky gal!!!

  9. Love the Cult Nails so much!

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