Swatch & Review - Black Cat Lacquer Halloween Collection

I'm super pleased to bring you an awesome Halloween Collection by Black Cat Lacquer.
There are 5 polishes in this collection - all available HERE.

First Up - Death Becomes Her:

Death Becomes Her - Macro. This was and still is one of my favorite movies. It's so campy and hilarious, you just have to love the absurdity of it. Sabrina of Black Cat Lacquer describes this polish as matte purple diamonds, green moons and hexes in purple, black and green. All in a clear base to top over your spookiest nail apparel.

I've chosen to layer Death Becomes Her over 2 coats of Essence Oh My Glitter.

What a stunner. This shows only ONE coat of Death Becomes Her over Oh My Glitter.

This polish provides great coverage and sparkle in only one coat. And as you can see, no fishing was required to pull out all the stops this polish offers.

Purple and green is my favorite Halloween combination - this nails it beautifully! I've added a coat of Gelous and a coat of Color Club 0-60 Top Coat here.

And we can't forget a matte version - GORGEOUS!!!

Next Up is Paranormal:

Paranormal - Macro. THIS was my favorite of the collection, if I HAD to choose one. I am such a sucker for these type of iridescent glitterbombs. In fact, I bought one similar to this earlier in the week from China Glaze, and another from Llarowe as well. I think 3 should curb my need for this type of polish now! This even has a glow in the dark base!

I've layered Paranormal over 3 coats of Essie Main Squeeze - a stunning ivory/purple duochrome. It had the perfect ghostly effect to combine with Paranormal!

Paranormal shown here with 1 coat! ONE coat - provided soooo much glitter coverage I was shocked! It was perfection!!

The formula was fantastic, super glitter-bomb-y!

Finished with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Color Club 0-60 Top Coat.

There is SOOO much iridescent micro glitter in this that it actually feels like 50 different colors! This is with a matte top coat^

GUTTED. So completely fantastic.

And now - how about some Trick or Treat(ing)?:

Trick of Treat - Macro. Talk about a candy wonderland! Tons of shapes, sizes and colors of candy colored matte glitter with a clear base. It's like a bag of skittles and then some.

I'm pairing Trick or Treat up with Illamasqua Serenity - one of their new Rubber Finish polishes from Sephora. These swatches show Serenity at 2 coats.

With just one coat of Trick or Treat, as shown above, you can see you get a nice decent glitter coverage. I left it at one coat so you can see the amount of glitter - this won't become a full coverage polish, but I like these kind the best!

It is absolutely like a candy machine exploded on your nails!

Close up! I love the textured designs these matte glitters produce! This is topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Color Club 0-60 Top Coat.

And as always - matte top coat will kick that mani up at least 5 notches of awesome.

Mmmmm....candy. Formula = amazing.

Six Feet Under - Macro. While talking to Sabrina, I asked her if this polish was named after the HBO show Six Feet Under. You can't imagine how happy it made me when she told me it was. Six Feet Under is hands down, my favorite show of all time. Sure, I have a lot of "current" favorites - but when it comes to style and substance and heart - that show gets me everytime. THIS is a special polish!

I'm wearing Six Feet Under all alone - she needs no help from her friends!

Consisting of a grey jelly base with a mix of black shards, silver dust and silver hexes, this is an undercover stunner! I've shown Six Feet Under here with only 2 coats - it has a really good coverage.

Just LOOK at all of that shimmer hiding in between the jelly?!?!

I've got a coat of Gelous and a coat of Color Club 0-60 Top Coat on top to smooth any shards out - no problems!

And a matte version for good measure! As always - makes everything pop just a little more. 

Everyday is Halloween - Macro. Straight from Sabrina: "Everyday is Halloween is made of a macabre combination of a dash of spectraflair base, orange, holo moons, purple, green, black, everything." I think it looks like a spooky salad! BTW - Spectraflair base is a holographic ingredient if you aren't familiar with the term.

I'm layering Everyday is Halloween over 2 coats of Models Own Copper Pot

Look at the lil moon! How cute is that!? I've got 2 coats of Everyday is Halloween on here but it was more like one coat and then some dabbing to get glitter into every corner of the nail. Application was easy peasy like all of the polishes in this collection.

This is shown with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Color Club 0-60 Top Coat. Smooths out very nicely!

Get a load of that!

And lastly - the money shot aka the matte shot. This is a really pretty polish, with so many colors going on, you could get away with wearing it year round.

So there you have it - the Black Cat Lacquer Halloween Collection - it's available now on the Black Cat Lacquer store page at $9 per bottle.
Overall thoughts - application was pure bliss on each of these. No fishing, no dabbing that I didn't do for other reasons than application (just personal preference) - they all smoothed out nicely with Gelous and Top Coat and really, I just couldn't be more pleased with each and every one of these polishes. Obviously, my picks are Paranormal and Death Becomes Her. Go get ya some!!

PS - Go like Black Cat Lacquer's Facebook Page - she's doing a Giveaway when she reaches 1000 fans, and she's really close!

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