Swatch & Review - Jak Horner by A Rhyming Dictionary

Working my way through these awesome polishes I received from A Rhyming Dictionary for review, today we come to - Jak Horner, he is the leader of the Horner Crew!

All of the polishes in this line are based off of Oz books - I love the inspiration behind them, not to mention the execution! Let's take a look!

Jak Horner in Macro! Described as white with red shimmer and red, white and black squares (I note there are also some hex glitters in here as well). Morgan the creator of A Rhyming Dictionary notes on this polish that the large red square glitter has some curling. To be honest, I only noticed it when I was editing these photos, it was not apparent at all on the nail. In nail photos everything is magnified, so the slightest things like curling and smearing are things the naked eye in person does not even notice. I believe that to be the case here.

Mini Jak Horner - how cute is he? I love love love a nice red, white and black glitter polish - this one totally cures the need! And the squares are the perfect size for the average nail, they don't overpower your nail!

Here are 3 thin coats of Jak Horner followed by a coat of Out the Door topcoat.

Everything came out of the bottle just wonderfully, at 3 coats you have a good chance of getting everything you need out of the bottle in time.

You can see here pretty well that one simple layer of topcoat smooths this out so nicely. 

The thing I loved most about this polish is that it reminded me of Cookies n Cream Ice Cream with a cherry on top!

Have you been thoroughly wowed by this brand so far, or what? I know I have! Morgan has just the cutest aesthetic going on with her shop, it's story and her service, I'm really loving it. Go check out A Rhyming Dictionary on Etsy - her polishes are really great quality and among the lowest priced of any Indie Polish I have seen to date!

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