Monday, October 8, 2012

Swatch & Review - Shaggy Man II by A Rhyming Dictionary

I've got something special going on this week - 4 days of A Rhyming Dictionary reviews and swatches!
These are super cute polishes with a very cute story behind them!
Morgan, the owner of A Rhyming Dictionary, graciously sent me a few polishes to review for her and they are all so lovely and unique I couldn't say no! Let's get to checking these guys out:

Today's Swatch is Shaggy Man II:

A Rhyming Dictionary calls Shaggy Man II "Matte pastel hexes with a subtle pearl shimmer" - its got a nice array of pastels in pink, aqua and lavender with a lovely silvery shimmer.

Here is our man of the hour in the spotlight!

My layering combo here is a base coat of Illamasqua Raindrops - which you can see on its own HERE.

My swatches here show 2 coats of Shaggy Man II over Raindrops. Raindrops does already contain a silvery white flakie, so some of the shimmer you see here is not from Shaggy Man II, but I did like how well their different shimmers meshed together.

Why am I such a sucker for matte pastel glitters? I love them soooo much, they have a gorgeous translucence, it reminds me of mother of pearl type finishes, or oyster shells. This is topped with one coat of Out the Door topcoat,

Like any good swatcher, I can't show you a swatch without doing it in matte as well - so here you go!

This combination of glitters that Morgan has put in this polish not only play very well together, but are the perfect combination to go over so many different base colors!

Shaggy Man II was definitely high on my list of favorites from the polishes I received from A Rhyming Dictionary. A full size polish of this shade will run you $7.50, which in my opinion is a steal for an indie polish! You can get it HERE.

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