Swatch & Review - Tollydiggle by A Rhyming Dictionary

Here we are on Day 2 of my mini swatchfest of A Rhyming Dictionary's polishes. This swatch & review is of Tollydiggle - and Morgan wasn't kidding when she says this polish is nearly impossible to photograph!

Here's our Tollydiggle Macro! What a stunner! A Rhyming Dictionary describes this polish as  a light gold with charcoal flakie that flashes blue. Well we definitely see all of that, don't we?! So unique!

I figured the base on this polish would be lightish so I layered it over Zoya Yara, shown here. It is a sage green with gold shimmer.

How perfect a couple do these two make?!

This polish really has so much going on, it seems like a chameleon that is constantly changing on you!

Application here is 2 coats of Yara and 2 coats of Tollydiggle - topped with one coat of Out the Door topcoat.

Are you not wowed yet?! You better be!

You should love and own this polish - without question! Tollydiggle is available through the Rhyming Dictionary Etsy shop for only $7.50!

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  1. Yara is such a beauty in the bottle. Such a unique combo.

  2. These make a great combo! very pretty!

  3. wow, what an unusual one - winner!


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