Teal Tuesdays - Black/White/Tealicure

It's me again! Today you get a three-fer of me!
But anyway - it's Tuesday, so you shoulda known this was coming!

The basis of this mani were some Spiderweb Water Decals I received to review from KKCenterHk. These come in a pack of 20 decals, enough for 2 full manicures or much much longer if you only use them as accent designs! How cute are these?!?! They come in white or black and retail for $2.82

The water decals are super easy to use - you just cut off your design from the sheet, remove the plastic piece on top and drop in water for like 10 seconds, then the decal just slides off of its backing with your finger, press your finger to your nail and it's on! Then top coat as normal!

My base gradient is done using Wet n Wild/Fergie Miami Spirit and Zoya Dovima.

I don't care for spiders or spider designs, but these were pretty cool!

You can click the links near the top of the post to visit KKCenterHK and pick up some of these water decals for yourself! Make sure to use the code GNARLYGNAILS to save 10% on your order!

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  1. Adorable. Both decals and the base gradient.

  2. those spidies are awesome! i love this

  3. Love the base! Oh and the decals are too cute!

  4. Love this!! Nice job - and I love teal too. I'm going to join in on your Teal Tuesdays one of these days.

  5. OH my gosh this is beautiful! Love this gradient!

  6. Cool decals, I may need to get some!


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