Teal Tuesdays - Mani Swap

Happy Tuesday everyone!
You have no idea how good it feels to be back to one or two posts a day! Whew!
Today is Teal Tuesday as you may (or may not) know - and this week we all did a secret swap to copy someone else's mani from the group.
I got Jasmin of Subtlety is Overrated.

For this challenge, I chose to recreate Jasmin's 'Tex Mex Flavor' Mani.
Sadly, her mani has square studs AND round studs on either side of the square ones - I gotta give it to her, I could not for the life of me get those round ones butted up to the square ones the way she did, so I ditched em!

I really was itching to use this polish for awhile now. My love love Debbie sent it to me for love sake. See...I got into polish less than a year ago, so needless to say I missed ALOT of cool stuff like holos! I am not the quintessential holo lover by any means, but I can always appreciate a good one. She knew I didn't have it, so she passed it on to me - I present to you - China Glaze Techno Teal!

This is 2 coats of Techno Teal and no top coat. The holo is pretty weak but I'm more a fan of the finish of holos than I am of the rainbows they can produce, so this is my jam for sure.

To mesh with Jasmin's mani - I've added some square rhinestones in black. I got these from a giveaway I won on Very Emily's Blog.

Just like Jasmin's blog, I believe this is very subtle! Definitely not overrated though!

Thanks for the Inspiration, Jasmin!

Now go and visit the other ladies of Teal Tuesdays and see who they got in their Mani Swap and what they did with it!

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  1. This is super pretty! I like the accent pieces :)

  2. Oh I love it!!! And that polish, omg!! I too am fairly new to the polish world (almost a year now) so I missed out on a lot of awesomeness, too. Oh I just love teal sooo much!! I should join the Teal Tuesday's group!


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