Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome to Sat-ART-Day! Featuring - Tarts!


Today marks the beginning of a new Challenge segment through Crumpets Nail Tarts called Sat-Art-Day.
Every Saturday there will be a different Nail Art theme challenge.
It's most fitting that our Inaugural Theme is Tarts!

Gotta say - I was feeling a little stumped on this one - the day I was figuring out what to do about it, I happened to be chatting back and forth with Debbie and she brought up the idea of doing a tart-y lady - a trampy trollop if you will. At first I wasn't set on that - but when I thought of the alternative, some sort of bakery delight, I decided her idea wasn't half bad!

So here we have (from L to R) - the back of a seamed fishnet stocking, the back of a corset, a lacey garter belt & fishnet stocking, the back of a corset again and then some lips and bows on the thumb!

I used a fishnet stamp, a lace tip stamp and the bows and lips are stamps, the rest is freehand with black and white nail stripers.

The base color of this mani is Essie Barefoot & Topless - one of my favorite nude polishes!

Hope you liked this installment of Sat-Art-Day!

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