Black Cat Lacquer - Bloody Kisses

Back today with some more swatches of polishes by Black Cat Lacquer.
Todays special - Bloody Kisses. You'd think this was part of the Halloween line, but in fact it is part of the core line of polishes, and with good reason. A polish this gorgeous needs to be used every day of the year!
Configured of a black jelly base and glitters in pinks and reds in squares and hex's - this is truly a stunning polish. I have shown it here layered over something, but I hope in the future to also try it on it's own, as I bet it is really something that way as well!
So lets dive in, and start with our macro, our underwear, and then the main event!

Bloody Kisses Macro - words just fail. So gorgeous.

Here is our pairing - Bloody Kisses over Wet n Wild's Toxic Apple.

Underwear swatching - Toxic Apple. Pure bliss to apply - this is ONE coat.

Toxic Apple is a blurple shimmer, it may not be a super original shade but the fact its more or less a one coat polish really seals the deal, especially at the Wet n Wild price point. 
Here is ONE coat of Bloody Kisses over Toxic Apple. I couldn't have been happier with how well these two polishes played together.

As you can see, the black jelly base of Bloody Kisses is so sheer it barely changed the shade of Toxic Apple. It only enhanced it!

SO in total we have one coat of Toxic Apple, one coat of Bloody Kisses and one coat of top coat!

The sparkle...oh the sparkle! This polish, in all honesty, applied and looked a million times better than a Lynnderalla, if you're asking me.

You can purchase Bloody Kisses HERE - and look for more Black Cat Lacquers on the blog this week!!

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  1. Somehow reminds me of fantasy fire with chunky glitter :) pretty <3

  2. I love the blue with the pink and red glitter! Yes, it's important to use polishes you like. I used to save some of the ones I liked best, and now I regret it

  3. Such pretty glitter!!! :) Miss you over at the MABB FB Group! Sending hugs!!! :)

  4. This looks fantastic. I really like that the glitters aren't chunky!

  5. this is so pretty and i love the name!

  6. I'm so in love with the W'nW Megalast line! With the exception of Break The Ice (a frosted white), they have all been one-coaters and had a great formula! Plus I love the brushes! Have you tried Disturbia from that line? It's amazing! This combo is "shut the front door" good!

  7. This is perfectly vampy! And the square glitter rocks. =)

  8. Wow, this looks spectacular!! Never heard of Black Cat Lacquer but you've definitely got my interest piqued with this one!

  9. So so pretty. And I loooove the colour combo.


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