Black Cat Lacquer - Doomsday

So to start this post, Sabrina from Black Cat Lacquer is awesome. After I received this review package from her, we had a few talks about the inspiration behind some of her polishes, and this was one I was super excited by for so many reasons. First of all, I'm like a raccoon when it comes to shiny things. Give give give! Mine mine mine! I love gold, gold glitter, gold glitter!
One of the only things I love more than the color gold, is the show Dexter. And this polish, Doomsday, was named after a character on the show.
This polish is all things awesome, hands down.
Lets get to it.

Doomsday Macro. Gold and gold holo glitters in bar and multiple sizes of hexagon shaped.

I've paired up Doomsday with Oh My Goldness from Catrice. 

Oh My Goldness is a stunner of a gold polish, lots of frosty shimmer and subtle sparkle!

Shown here, Oh My Goldness in 2 coats, no top coat. So much depth....

This is one coat of Doomsday over Oh My Goldness. Applied heavenly, as every BCL I have used has done.

The best thing about these polishes is they dry out so smoothly. One coat of top coat leaves a smooth surface, no pesky glitters poking out.
A close up of all of the funky gold and gold holo goodness.

As an added bonus - Doomsday Mattified!

This is my favorite pic of the litter - I love the shimmer my camera picked up from OMG, it looks so grainy and cool under Doomsday!

You can pick up Doomsday HERE from Black Cat Lacquer - her polishes are always in stock and have a terrific price!

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  1. Gorgeous swatches... I am so glad you're back, your photos are impeccable!! :)

  2. This polish looks amazing, Missy! I am in LOVE with glitters, too. And Black Cat Lacquer makes glitters that are freaking gorgeous!!!

  3. OMG I love both this polish and Dexter!!! I have been way too into glitters lately, but I can't stop seeing ones that I love - thanks for sharing. :)


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