Black Cat Lacquer - Let Them Eat Cake

Got the last of my week long reviews of some Black Cat Lacquers I received for review.
Today I'm showing you Let Them Eat Cake.
Described as containing pastel hex glitter and "holo dust" - this is as girly as it gets!
A gorgeous glitter topper in a clear base, this polish can really go with so many different underwear base colors.
I paired it here with something a little different:

First off, here is our Let Them Eat Cake Macro shot. So many lovely colors of mint greens and baby pinks, pastel yellows and sparkly whites!!
Being that I shot these review back in October, I was in a fall mood and paired Let Them Eat Cake with Essie's Armed and Ready.

Armed & Ready is an olive drab shade of polish with a gorgeous golden shimmer. Would you be amazed to hear this was only one coat? I could have used two coats, but for the sake of showing you just how opaque it is in one.

How about that shimmer? Soooo pretty. I was really impressed with this polish, I am a fence sitter when it comes to Essie, usually the formula is too watery for me, this was perfection though.
And here is Let Them Eat Cake over Essie Armed & Dangerous. Let Them Eat Cake is also shown here at one coat with a top coat over it. I think the pairing of these two polishes really let each of them shine in their own way without taking anything away from either one.
Polishes like this, loaded with pastel satin glitters, are some of my favorite kinds. They can be paired with so many different types and shades of polish!

So there you have it - another week of Black Cat Lacquer polishes down, and hopefully you have enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed playing with them!
Black Cat Lacquer can be purchased through their shop on Etsy - HERE.
There are a TON of shades to choose from at some of the lowest indie polish price points out there.
I have yet to find out of 10 polishes I have worn of theirs, a bad formula or combination - truly quality polish guys!!!

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