Black Cat Lacquer - Peacocky

Ive got 2 more Black Cat Lacquer swatches to show you guys, this one is called Peacocky!
Peacocky features an astronomical amount of awesome - purples, teals, blue, pinks, even holo glitters!
Why bother with words, check it out:

Macro shot of Peacocky.  How could I not love a polish with this much teal glitter?!

I've paired Peacocky with a Hot Pink Glow in the Dark polish from Hot Topic. As far as I can tell, it had no name.

The hot topic polish took 3 coats to get evened out and opaque. Not my favorite number of coats but its still not terrible I suppose. I loved the finish it had - somewhere between matte and satin finish.

It's a gorgeous shade of pink that is actually pretty unique in my collection of over 50 pinks. And it does glow in the dark, despite my lack of knowing how to take a glow in the dark nail polish photo!

Here is Peacocky layered of the Hot Topic Pink - one coat of Peacocky and one coat of top coat!

There are 2 things I LOVE about the Black Cat Lacquer polishes. The first is that they are the perfect amount of density that you can use one coat for a perfect amount of glitter topping.

The second thing I love about Black Cat Lacquers is that they are chunky without being a nuisance. They always smooth with a simple top coat.

Peacocky with Matte top coat.

Here you can see the nice combination of glitter shades in this polish.

Peacocky is available for purchase right HERE in the Black Cat Lacquer Boutique. Don't forget to check out all of the other awesome polishes in there, so much to choose from!!

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  1. Oooh, such a pretty combo! That pink is gorgeous but I usually only do 3 coaters if it's white, yellow or a milky-based indie!

  2. gorgeous - I still have this one in Mount Untried! xx

  3. Love the combo! I had one of those unnamed Hot Topic skull polishes, and the formula was atrocious. I don't even remember what happened to it, lol.

  4. Perfect combination! Love the color and the glitters. I find them classy and girly. Great job!

  5. Extraordinary combo! I completely love this mani!

  6. oooh i love this layering! i thought i was the only one that still had hot topic polishes! i wish they had names lol

  7. Ooh! Love! I think I have that Hot Topic polish too!


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