Bright Lightning!

One thing I am loving about this newfound blogging approach I am taking is that I am writing my posts on the fly, in the moment. Before I had them stacked up for sometimes weeks in advance and never really connected with my readers. Now I just do a mani, and post the post when I get to it, no scheduling, no wondering what day it will fall on and what I should talk about for that day!

Enough blabber though - today is Sunday and its cold and warm at the same time here in Georgia.
It makes it hard for me to sleep, the constant covering up then uncovering. My cat makes it hard to sleep too, she's a total butthead.  Anyway - it's winter, but it gets warm and you just never know what to expect. Because of that, I decided to do this unlikely bright lightning bolt design!

It's a pretty simple tape manicure technique - one straight piece of tape almost vertical down the nail, then a triangular piece overlapping it to make the zigzag.

I took this weekend to go through all of my polishes...I needed to shop my stash and see what I had, after going months without even opening the drawers, I'd forgottem most of what I even owned. So while I did that, I reorganized back to categorizing by brand (I used to do by color family) and I pulled out every polish I was at least 75% sure I hadn't worn before. Worn, I use that term loosely I guess. I mean, used as at least 50% or more of the manicure, not just a polka dot on a nail art design.
So this is what came of THAT project:

Yes, these are in fact, all of my untried polishes. I didn't count but I estimate somewhere in the 200 range.
Given that I am going back to a different way of organizing, I knew that I would have a hard time using polishes I haven't before, so I am devoting the blog to alot of using up my polishes and trying to purge a lot of the dupes as I go.

So today, I did two manis, one of which I'm (finally) about to show you. And that knocks out 4 untried polishes! Woot!

Here we go, sorry for the bigmouth.

So here we are, using Sinful Colors Savage and Julep Fiona - both of which are matte finish polishes.

Julep Fiona, a gorgeous chartreuse neon that dries matte. I used two coats and I used it as the base for this manicure. It was a little streaky at second coat, but overall pretty good for such a bright neonish matte polish. I had issue with my tape ripping up the green later because I used a glue basecoat, so any sort of bumpiness you see is from that and not from the actual polish application.

The green is pretty color accurate in these photos but the Sinful Colors Savage is definitely darker in real life and leans more teal in color. It covers well though, this is one thickish coat over Fiona.

Finished off the mani with 2 coats of Color Club Vivid Top Coat just to get a bit smoother finish.

SO what do you think? Are you enjoying neons in winter or are you still rocking vamps or on to spring shades? I love em all, I do not care what time of year it is!

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  1. goooooood stuff, on every level xxx

  2. Love those colors together! I will have to combine them sometime soon. The taping is so simple but so striking!

  3. Great color combo and design!
    Oh, and I don't care about the seasons either, I wear whatever is on my mind :)

  4. Oh my! I am loving this! So bright and shocking! Perfect for a winter pick me up! :)

  5. this is so bright and awesome! i love neons any time of the year!

  6. I am totally like you: I don't mind what season it is, I wear what I like. I really like that taped mani you did, I'm going to have to try and make a zig zag too!

  7. It's a gorgeous color combo - and I also wear whatever colors I feel like wearing!

  8. love the colors!
    I use neons when I feel like even when it rains :)

  9. Goodness! That is quite a stash of untrieds! I love the mani. I say go with what you love always! No need to follow trends!

  10. I freaking love these two shades together!

  11. Neons a ALWAYS a good idea! Who can be in da grumps with blindingly fun nails on? <3

  12. Awesome lightning bolts and great colors! :)

  13. Ooh! Love! The colors and design are perfect!

  14. Wow!!! This mani is so pretty. Love the color combos and cute design. You def have the talent girl so keep it up.


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