How about a little storage talk?

I don't guess this is talk so much as just a little ramble and something small that may or may not help you in your setup.
Depending on whether you are a fellow blogger, polish maker, nail tech or just enjoy to look at nails and paints yours for the hell of it, you may find this useful.
Let's say for about....2 years or so now I have been kindly bitching at my boyfriend to stop using my OTT lite. Mine is probably like most of yours, a child in a mans body that can't pick up after himself or turn a light off behind him. Case in point...he can't turn my light off whenever he is done or leaves the room.
It bugs me, its a good, expensive light and I don't want the expensive bulb to burn out.
Given, I've had this light for over 5 years, but thats not the point, right ladies?
Anyway, since getting back into my nails and taking photos, I have come to find in the last few months that he's put my light thru the ringer. He builds machines and is outside alot grinding metal and welding stuff, and he uses my light as a worklight when it starts to get dark. So you can imagine when I opened it up, my surprise at how gross and grimy dirty it had become.
Cut to this morning, we stopped in Walmart to grab a few snacks and were over the craft section when I saw this light. The first thing that caught my eye was the price, then I was like hmmmm I wonder if this Ott Lite is as bright as mine is. We proceeded to open it up and look and it looked pretty much like the same size bulb as mine, but where mine cost about 60 bucks, this one was $15.
But the selling point about this super cheap light was that it's a caddy!
So it can fit some nail stuff in there too!

It has an adjusting arm, that lengthens up to like almost 2 feet in height or so, and it comes outward also! SO lots of lighting options there!
With the separating compartments IN the caddy, it held 8 polish bottles.

Then here is the light pushed back down into the closed position, and the compartments removed! Now it holds 16 bottles of polish!

SO...pretty cool! It's 13 watts, and I had before this an OTT lite that was also 13 watts and it has been the one I've used for all of my indoor pictures.
$15 - Walmart - Craft Section. 
Hope it helps someone, I know I'm excited I found it!

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  1. OMG...I love this! I am so mad because I just bought a new lamp for polish, and this would have worked SO much better. lol. Might be time for an upgrade already. :)

  2. Nice find!! I had so much trouble finding a decent daylight bulb here in Sweden, they love warm lighting only.

  3. this is perfect! i'll have to pick one up

  4. Looks great! I have two separate lights on my makeup/nail table and those have daylight bulbs on them. Looks kinda lame but gets the job done LOL

  5. Thank you for posting this, I will pick one up FOR SURE! I am always complaining about the lighting in my pictures.

  6. !!! I love this! I saw someone else on IG buy this lamp but I forgot who it was so I couldn't ask where they bought it. $15 is one heck of a deal- I used to have a floor length OTT but didn't bring it with me during the move. Definitely going to go pick one up!

  7. That looks like an awesome lamp, and I would definitely had bought it if I was anywhere near a Wallmart! I'm in a totally different hemisphere though :)

  8. What a great find! I may need to stalk my Walmart to find one of these!

  9. This is awesome! My OTT bulb recently burnt out and I haven't gotten around to replacing it. Not only that, but it was a pain in the butt to get it in the right position for photos - I NEED this! I'm gonna have to go check it out and if my Walmart doesn't have it, I will cry!

  10. keeping this in mind next time I head to wal mart!! thanks!! :D

  11. No room on my polish desk....but with the ability to close....Oh I am sure I can find room to place it on top of a helmer until needed!

  12. This is a great buy! And such a cute lamp. I might just look for one next time I'm around Walmart, I was there this morning searching for the new Pure Ice Velours... Didn't find them :( I really don't have much room on my Polish Desk tho, right now I'm using a floor lamp that has a light shining up at the top and a bendable reading light halfway which is at a perfect point right on my polishing area.... Also for those who can't find one at Walmart or aren't near one, try Amazon or just try googling a light shop.. I'm sure they'll have one

  13. Looks really great. I still need to sort out my light situation, but it's damned expensive!


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