Nails Inc - Reeves Mews Swatch

I have a beautiful polish to show you today - Nails Inc Reeves Mews.
I don't recall where I got this, I think it was either in the giveaway I won of Debbie's last year or one of our swaps, either way, I do know it came from Jolly Ole England and it's gorgeous!

These are older swatches, but I am pretty sure this is 2 coats plus top coat.
Question - Do you prefer this style of portrait photo or my old style landscape orientation?
I'd like to know!

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  1. Such an Amazing color. Need this one in my collection:)
    Sara x

  2. Beautiful turquoise! I've never been disappointed by Nails Inc. Wish my Sephora carried more shades!

  3. I like Nails Inc polishes, the two I've got are really cool! I actually like when the pictures are a mix of portrait and landscape :)

  4. What a fantastic colour! Turquoises and teals are always my favourites, and this one is so beautifully pigmented. :D
    As for the photos, I don't have a huge preference--they look great either way, Missy!

  5. Gorgeous! I prefer landscape because I don't have to really scroll through the photo when the are larger.


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