Slick Lacquer Spam!

How appropriate is it that I'm drowning my nails in Slick Lacquer and it's pouring rain outside?
No better thing to do on a yucky, rainy day than paint, paint, paint!
So get ready to enjoy a little sparkly spam!!

Here are all the little goodies Suzzie from Slick Lacquer sent over for me to review! From Left to right we have: Houston, We Have a Party! - A Wink and a Nod - Gitsie. Something to note here, Suzzie makes all of her own labels by hand, sometimes using polishes to accent things (like the lips on the above bottle of A Wink and a Nod!) - My favorite thing was how each label was different and coincided with its shade. I love little touches like these.

Some butt shots of the above polishes. Again, from left to right: Houston, We Have a Party! - A Wink and a Nod, Gitsie.

First up is Gitsie, here in her macro-lens glory. She is a 60s inspired aqua leaning blue polish full of iridescent, silver and green micro glitters. Its hard to tell, but thats what I see!

This is such a fun shade of blue, not too light or dark and such a pretty shade. Here Gitsie is shown in three coats with a top coat.

Gitsie really seems to glow from within, don't you think?

Oooooh LALA!! I love the shimmer in this, it is just the perfect touch.

Next up we have Houston, We Have a Party! ^^MACRO PORN^^

Here is a blurred macro so you can see all of the awesome holo particles in this polish! This is a charcoal black jelly base with black and white hex, bar and square glitters, intermixed with holo micro glitters.

I decided to spice this one up a bit, so I did a bit of striping with 3 polishes, so you can see how it looks over different colors. I used Essie No Place Like Chrome, Fingerpaints Black Expressionism and Catrice How I Matt Your Mother.
And with those 3 polishes, I did this little stripey deal here.

Then I added Houston, We Have a Party! over the top of the stripe design. I especially love the way the base of Houston transformed the silver into a greyish purple!

This is SUCH a cool polish with SOOOO many possibilities. Shown here I have 2 coats of Houston on over the striped mani. It is pretty sheer so I am not sure how many coats you would need to build to full opactiy, I would guess at least 4 and suggest you use a color base.

With flash, now you can really see the glossiness of the top coat and the holos. This one is a bit of a hungry glitter, I used Gelous and 1 coat of top coat to smooth it out.

Oh problems here.

And lastly but surely not leastly - A Wink and a Nod - Macro shot.

A blurred macro to yet again show the gloriousness of holographic glitters. This is a nude grey super work appropriate shimmer polish. In boring light, it appears to have a silvery golden shimmer, but when the light hits it right it turns into a spunky disco ball!

I love a good nude polish, and this one nails it so well in the nude category. 

Look at that shimmer!!! This is a gorgeous polish even without the holo effect it gives. I've shown it here in 3 coats with a top coat.

Sigh. This was my favorite of the three and will definitely be worked into my normal polish rotation!

Each of these polishes applied like perfection - some of the best indies I have tried.  I had no issues with curling or sinking glitters or anything - picture perfect!
Slick Lacquer is available HERE - also please check out their Facebook page.
Suzzie has let me know she is currently running a special in her shop to commemorate hitting 100 Facebook Likes! You can use code 100LIKES at checkout to receive 10% OFF your order - valid until 2.2.2013

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  1. Oh, that last one is gorgeous...

  2. I like all of these! Great pics and gorgeous polishes. =) I'm heading over to the FB page now!

  3. Um, A Wink and a Nod is stunning. Going to have to buy this! :)


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