Friday, January 25, 2013

The sun will always cheer you up, right?

I'm going to start off this post by saying that wow...being holed up in your head for months and not doing things you were used to doing every day, sometimes multiple times a day, is not good.
I hadn't painted my nails since October. This mani I'm showing you today is the first mani I have done in over 3 months. It's not great or perfect, but it's something I thought I would feel comfortable with doing, aside from just doing a swatch of something.

A few months ago during the 30 Day Challenge, I did a polka dot mani that I really liked alot, so today I am showing you something I did using similar colors, since the colors were my favorite part of it.

I now bring you - Sunbursts!

Well...this didn't photograph exactly  color correctly, but its close, the shades are a tad darker in real life.

I achieved this look by first starting with my base color (the yellow, or your lightest color), after it was dry I added hole reinforcement stickers (yes, the kind in the office supply section that you put on notebook paper) - the trick to those is to really get them stuck down, they tend to lift on the corners, and I cut them in half to even help with that not happening. Such is life. After that, I take striping tape and run lines up from the hole stickers to the edges of the nail, then paint with the blue, or your darker color. Use a polish on top that can go opaque in one coat.

They aren't perfect, which used to bug me. Now I just roll with it. Because the striping tape sat over the hole stickers and I didn't close that tiny gap up, the blue got under it a little in places and didn't give me the greatest lines, but in real life where you don't look through a macro lens, hardly noticeable!

And here are the polishes I used - Sinful Colors Rain Storm and Bourjois  Jaune Trendy.

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Missy Molotov

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