Catrice Blues

I've dubbed this Catrice Week on the blog.
In a massive attempt to work through my untrieds, I am going to try and polish off all of the Catrice polishes in my untried pile this week!
Today I'm showing you three of the blue shades (ok, 2 and a top coat) that remain untried, until today!

Todays players are No Snow Petrol, Godfather of Pearl and George Blueney

So for this, I started with a base of No Snow Petrol, a gorgeous aqua/teal with a bluish/purple iridescence.

Then I added Godfather of Pearl over the top to give it some funky shimmer! Godfather of Pearl is a clearish base chock full of shimmers of the blue and green variety.

Then I taped off a cross design on my ring finger and sponged on George Blueney and topped it with some more of the Godfather of Pearl.

Whatcha think?
I enjoyed this nice little bit of blue in the dead of winter!

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  1. Super pretty! I am excited for this week! :) My wallet might not be! Haha!


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