Catrice Greens Part 2

Day 4 of Catrice Week sees a couple more greens!

So todays greens are Sold Out Forever (2nd version, which barely is even a green, but since the 1st version is much greener, I plop this in the green category) and It's Rambo No. 5

For fun, I decided to make some zigzag decals instead of tape to nail method. This is much cleaner looking if you have the extra time. Basically, you paint your polish onto wax paper or plastic, once its dry you peel it off and cut your strips with pinking sheers or craft scissors.

I started with a base of Sold Out Forever, an icy mint with a super subtle but gorgeous shimmer, which you certainly won't be seeing in these pictures, sorry!

My cutout strips were done with It's Rambo No. 5 - after my base dried, I applied these and trimmed to fit.

I then applied a generous coat of top coat to seal them on.

Any residual edges can be cleaned up with your normal cuticle cleanup method, the strips are polish and removal is exactly the same!

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  1. Why have I never thought of cutting them into strips or shapes first? haha, awesome!

  2. A great idea and a wonderful mani!

  3. This, this is gorgeous! I love it!

  4. Me likey! I'm going to have to do this sooner than later. <3

  5. That is the best idea EVERRRRR. I must try it some time!

  6. what a brilliant idea using pinking shears!

  7. I tried the tape method which worked fine but I totally wanted to try this way as well! Just wasn't sure if the polish would be sturdy enough to cut like normal when dried you know? But now that I see yours worked, I will for sure try it out!! Looks awesome!

  8. I love that method, going to have to try it-- thanks for sharing! I can't get nail tape to work for the life of me!


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