Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Faves

I have no shame - I stole this idea from Kirsten of The Geeky Owl, who stole it from Emma of Manicurity. We're all friends here, no reason we can't do some sharing!
Oddly enough, before I saw Kirstens post, I was thinking about how I wanted to do some more sharing posts, roundups and the like.
So let's see...

Favorite New (Tried) Polish
Julep Joan:

Favorite New (Untried) Polish
My new Adventure Time Polishes

Favorite New (Tried) Indie Polish
Whimsical Nail Polish - Kitty Glitter

Favorite New (Untried) Indie Polish
The newest one to my collection is Lynnderella She Lived In a Swamp, and probably my most anticipated out of my untried pile - you'll actually see it tomorrow!

Favorite New (Seasonal) Collection
Not really seasonal, but I think the thing I'm currently most excited about is the new Hard Candy line of polishes:
Photo Source - Teen Vogue
Favorite Manicure You Did This Month
I had a few I really loved this month, but the Hot Pink Splosion is probably the most favorite:

Favorite New Technique or Tip
Quiliting - which I did here:

Favorite New Makeup Item
Not so much makeup, since I hardly wear the huge arsenal I have, but I am super loving this product right now:
Photo Source - Beauty Crazed
Favorite TV Show right now
Doctor Who. I finally caved to mass hysteria over this show, and now me and my boyfriend are both totally enamored with it.

Currently reading
I just don't read. I used to love to read, but I don't give myself the time for it anymore!

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