Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fire Opals

Its the last day of Catrice Week on the blog - In my mass need to use my untried polishes I managed to get through almost all of my untried Catrices.
In total I used up 12 of them, plus 2 more I haven't shown here and I have 2 left in the pile. So wow - good job!
For the last day I decided to go with something simple but stunning, and since I think I've worn a flakie polish like twice since I started blogging, it just felt right today.

Here we have Pimp My Shrimp and Shake It! Flake It!

A base of 3 coats of Pimp My Shrimp, which is a juicy jelly peach. There is still slight nail line showing, but its still a gorgeous jelly that would be really pretty with some chunky glitter!

On top I applied 2 coats of Shake It! Flake It! which is the fiery type of flakey that shifts from orange to gold to green.

I finished this mani with a matte top coat - I always love how it seems to stop the flakey in time and only show one or two of its faces.

Its so fierce and fiery!
I hope you've enjoyed Catrice week.
I'd like to thank my awesome swap buddy Angi, who has gotten me about 97% of my Catrice collection, which is only available in parts of Europe.

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Missy Molotov

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