Friday, February 15, 2013

Golden Arrowheads

Well...this is my first post from my tablet...its a little weird.
Hopefully there won't be any hiccups with it!
Today I'm showing you some goldish chevrons I did using my bare nail as the base...might be the first time you've seen me naked now that I think about it!

For this Mani I placed a chevron shaped nail guide on the nail and painted the gold area over my bare nail. Bare meaning just a base coat. If you don't have Chevron guides you can just cut a piece of tape and use the right angle/corner of it to make the same design.

After I did the gold polish I plopped on a coat of quick dry top coat.

Once the polish was dry, repeat the chevron/tape process again for the tips using a blackened gold shimmer polish.

Again, finish with a quick dry top coat and you're all set!

These are the polishes I used for this manicure:
Topshop Solar
Essence Front Row or Backstage

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Missy Molotov

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