Hot Pink Splosion

Happy Valentines Day!
You are all my special valentines and I love you all for being interested in what I do!

Instead of showing you another Valentines Mani (I'm sure alot of us are sick of em by now!) - I am gonna show you a hot pink explosion - call it my brain exploding from love overkill!

I think the hardest part of doing these type of manicures is getting your tape placement right. And I've done this manicure a few times, this is the first time I've actually liked how it turned out 100%.

For this manicure I started my base with Essence Grey-t To Be Here which is an AMAZING grey with pink and orangey pearl particles. I took two pieces of tape cut into angles/triangles and placed them on the nail - then I painted over the open space with Nicole by OPI Still Into Pink (YES - I finally found it after searching every store in my town for a week straight!) - then rip the tape off! Once dry I striped with a turquoise striper polish and after full dry (you don't want smears after all that hard work) - I top coated with Gelous and Julep Quick Dry Top Coat! Voila!

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  1. these came out great! i love the colors

  2. These are fabulous!!! Great color combo! I always suck at using those stripers because it seems that they polish is always running down the brush even if I wipe it off! I usually just use reg polish or acrylic paint and my striper brush!

  3. It's perfect, I really like the way it came out :)

  4. Love the color combination! Grey always looks awesome with bright colors!! Also your nails are growing out really nicely!! They look much better than when you first started posting again. What products have you been using? Any tips? My nails have started breaking and kind of just crumbling lately :(

    1. I've been using two new products religiously that I think are doing dramatically good things - julep oxygen nail treatment and sally Hansen cuticle eraser + balm. That and I've been moisturizing with olive oil after acetone also. Thanks for the compliments!


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