Laser Hearts

For some reason while I was editing these photos, they started reminding me of the Girl Scouts logo or something - maybe I have cookies on the brain because its that time of year!!

Also - sorry that these arent very big when clicked, I had to re-do my photo template since my laptop died and I didn't realize until halfway through these that I'd made them the wrong resolution!

SO here are some laser hearts in time for the big love day - pretty simple to do - I have a heart craft punch, I take a strip of blue painters tape, slide it in the punch and cut out a heart, then i applied it to my nail and took two strips of striping tape and put it over the heart stencil, painted on the pink and ripped those tapes off!

For this mani I used an unnamed Searne in a darkish Teal color, I painted the hearts with OPI Pink Friday and then topped it with Sation Summer Night Sparkle and a coat of Gelous and Julep Quick Dry Top Coat.

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