Lynnderella - I Don't Mean Rhinestones

I alluded to something awesome coming today in yesterdays post of Ulta's Dance Teal Dawn.
I guess depending on your definition of awesome, this may or may not be it!
Despite your feelings on the matter of a certain polish maker, you gotta admit, some Lynnderella's are in a class all their own.  Case in point:

This is 2 coats of I Don't Mean Rhinestones over 2 coats of Ulta Dance Teal Dawn and ONE coat of the new Julep Freedom Top Coat.

So much sparkle with hints of holographic delight!!!

I die.

Outdoor sunlight to see some of the holo that hides within this beauty.


Now this only marks the 2nd polish I have from the Lynnderella brand, but I love them both to death. There may be other polishes similar to this, but there is something about this that I just can't put my finger on that makes it so special, to me anyway.
When I wore it, I felt like I had teal colored Ruby Slippers on from the Wizard of Oz. I couldn't stop looking at my fingers.
On a side not - I used the new Julep Freedom Top Coat with this manicure and while I can't say anything about its longevity (sorry but even with this gorgeous polish on, i was still too tempted to remove it the same day)- I can tell you that it has a great consistency and covered/tamed this glitter in only one coat.
If you are interested in purchasing Lynnderella polishes, you can search her on ebay.

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  1. Love this polish, the colour is gorgeous

  2. lovely blog! Shall we follow eachother?

  3. Yeah I know some people hate Lynnderellas, but I just can't help liking some of them!

  4. Omg I gasped out loud when I saw this. I have no Lynn's but this one is my ultimate lemming, as a huge teal lover.


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