New Collection Polishes from A Rhyming Dictionary

I have a special treat for you today!!
I alluded to what these might be yesterday on Instagram with a sneak peek:

Some booty bottle shots of a few polishes I received in the mail this week from A Rhyming Dictionary.
Morgan of A Rhyming Dictionary contacted me recently asking if I would like to try her newly reformulated polishes and of course I said yes! I mean, I have reviewed her polishes before with great praise for them, her polish Betsy Bobbin is one of my all time favorites to this day.
Not only has she done some reformulating and new polishes, she has also gotten super cute labels!

Let's get the show started - I warn you now, lots of pics!!
I bring to you - the Hidden Valley Of Oz Collection!

Magic Muffins. 
I think Morgan should rename this polish to Holy Shit.
The moment I pulled this baby out of its plastic I gasped! The first thing I thought (and said out loud) was 'Oh my god, Debbie is going to shit when she sees this one" - because as most of you know, Ms. Crumpet is quite the purple connoisseur!  So anyway - this polish is nuts. It's like a scattered super weak holo (it kind of reminds me of what the Pure Ice Velours are looking like) and its dries to a semi-matte/rubber finish! Now that's a new one!

Here is a macro of Magic Muffins - it was so hard to get good photos of what is actually in this bottle, not to mention the color, it totally freaked my camera out like it was Jason Voorhees. Poor camera.

See....this polish is way darker in person. But we'll get to that in a minute.
See that finish? Amaze.
It seems like the more coats you apply, the less matte it dries. Here I have 2 coats plus touch ups, which were my fault because I bumped two nails while they were wet! This shade is a stunning blue/purple/blurple with particles of magic fairy dust I swear.

This is indoor lighting, blown out the color - no top coat.

More indoor lighting. One thing I do want you to know about this polish's formula - it ran thinner than I am used to. Kind of like a watery Essie. But it's doesn't make it less awesome or opaque. If applied carefully you can reach opacity in just two coats.

This is outdoor shaded sunlight - and much more indicative of Magic Muffins' true form! Slightly darker in real life but the shade is spot on!

I love the way this looks slightly textured at certain angles, the particles in this polish add a ton of depth and dimension!

And now how about a little icing on the cake, shall we? 
This is with one coat of Julep Quick Dry Top Coat. C'Est Magnifique!

Or how about matte? Woosh.


How about some glitter topcoats now, you ask?
Ok then!

Next up we have Ohio!
This is a clear base packed with multiple types of glitters in white, red, silver and a pretty bluish turquoise.
There are bars, hex's, micros, squares and some holo STARS!
Now I am a little weird about my shaped glitters.
They really have to be used in the right context - and there is no better context for star shaped glitters than in a red, white and blue glitterbomb!

It reminds me of a silver blizzard! 

So for this manicure I have paired up Ohio with Revlon Urban. Dingbat me didn't take pics of Urban, and I don't know how I could have forgotten because I even went on Facebook and shouted out how much I loved it! Anyway - its like a dirty smoky blurple and it is a MUST HAVE.
Now then! Here is 1 coat of Ohio over Urban and finished with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Out the Door topcoat.

There is a TON of silver microglitter/shimmer in the base of this polish! It would look good over so many things. And lookie - I got a star on my thumber!!

The formula on this polish was lovely and everything came out nicely doing a standard application method.

These types of patriotic glitters are pretty hit and miss with me, but this is one I really enjoyed from the time I unwrapped it.

And one last shot of it with a matte top coat. How is it that glitters just pop so much more under a matte coating?!


And lastly....

A transparent pink jelly with fuchsia microglitter/shimmer and larger hex glitters in fuchsia, blue and satin lavender. The base is VERY lightly tinted, but it is enough to cast a new shade upon your polish, I used this over Revlon Urban also and it definitely changed the color from blurple to straight purple.

Macro of Bookville. How gorgeous is THAT!?!

This is one coat of Bookville over 2 coats of Revlon Urban followed by 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Out the Door top coat.

This glitter is right up my alley. Fuchsia large hex's AND shimmer? OMG kill me now! 

Here is a better shot of that beauty that is that pink shimmer that gives it the perfect glow.

The formula on this polish was perfect and I used my standard polish application. No sinking, no digging, no nonsense.

There is nothing better than a mattified pink glitter. NOTHING I tell you!

So there you have it...A Rhyming Dictionary strikes again and strikes BIG.
Morgan is launching her new line TODAY at 8pm (I believe its EST since she's on the East Coast) - so stalk her SHOP while you can!
Her polishes are great quality and run at a low-for-indies price point. A bottle of OPI costs more than these, people!
You can also check out A Rhyming Dictionary on Facebook!

*these products were sent to me for my honest review*

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