Put Up Your Dupes - Julep vs Pure Ice

Been awhile since I did a Dupe Comparison - lets check this out!

Todays Contenders are Julep Petra versus Pure Ice Iced Merlot

Looking pretty similar in the bottle, no?

These two polishes are a red raspberry crelly base with pink and blue shimmer, that primarily flash pink on the nail.
I turned my fingers so many different directions and found NO differences in these whatsoever.
Furthermore, formulas were exactly the same, though the Julep was slightly slower to dry - giving the HUGE advantage to Pure Ice for being twice the size and 1.99 vs Julep $14 price tag.
Each show two coats and one coat of top coat. The index finger is slightly darker because it has a third coat due to it drying so slow i bumped it!
We have a WINNER - Pure Ice Iced Merlot!

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  1. Thank you... I love comparison posts.

    Julep is also about half the size, so the comparison price is really $2 vs $28.

  2. Wow! These are gorgeous! Love the chance to get it at a better price! Oh and I love you Dupes header! :)


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