Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quilted Pink

Woo. Hellooooo Tuesday.
Got home late Sunday night from a little overnight trip we took to Illinois. It was a good time, we never go anywhere and have a junko car, so we had a blast getting away and driving in my boyfriends moms car for the weekend, it was like driving a fancy spaceship. But now we are home and I feel like I'm STILL trying to catch up from it, sleep-wise. My boyfriend won $400 at the casino while we were there, so not only did he buy me a new laptop, but he also bought me some running shoes, a wicked awesome doctor who shirt AND some of my wishlist nail polishes!! He done alright this weekend....
And on a sidenote - I HATE Windows 8. bleck.

As Day 3 hits on Catrice Week, here is some pink for ya. Along with, yet another Million Styles Top Coat!
For this one I did something a little different, which I will explain as I go along.

Today I'm using Holo Que Tal and Wrapped Around My Finger

Wrapped Around My Finger is a gorgeous dusty pink creme and it was the base of this manicure. 2 coats.

Holo Que Tal is a shimmer base full of pink to orange shifting particles and it is what I used over my pink base.

While the polish was still tacky, I took a business card and dug ridges into the polish to create the quilts. I had been thinking for awhile about how I could achieve a quilted design without using striping tape (too thick) or freehanding it (too skillful!) - so this was it! 

After I had all of my quilts in check, I added top coat one nail at a time and added my gold bullions/microbeads to each intersection, then one more coat of top coat!

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Missy Molotov

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