Split Splatter Tutorial

Well it has been a hot minute since I did a tutorial!
So here is something I thought up in my crazy brain a week or so ago, and since I had some swatching to do and couldn't get to it right away, I decided to get it prepped and make it into a full on tutorial!

So what is a split splatter?
Essentially this manicure is consisting of 3 different nail art technique.

  • DIY Nail Decals - painting polish and designs onto a plastic or wax paper surface and peeling them off and re-sticking them to your nail.
  • Splatter Manicures - splattering paint all over your nails like a Jackson Pollock painting.
  • Tape Manicures - cutting tape into shapes and polishing the remaining space of nail to make a design
Seems complicated? Nope.
Lets get started!
THIS is what we are going after today:

This is a 3 Color Manicure with endless color combo possibilities. And trust me when I say, it really is so easy even a caveman can do it!

You will need 3 Polishes. Generally, 2 polishes and a black or white, but like I said, the possibilities are endless!

For this I have used two colors by Catrice - Miss Piggy Reloaded and Reggaeton. Try and choose colors that aren't Jelly's or lack opacity. When you splatter, you want those colors to pop.

Now the next step is easy but I did not photograph it. Get a piece of plastic that is somewhat thick, like a freezer bag thickness, or some wax/parchment paper. I used parchment paper.
Paint two stripes, about an inch wide (more depending on how long your nails are) and about 6 or 7 inches in length, one in each of your main colors (here, it would be the pink and brown). Paint each shade with a couple of coats, to make sure it is nice and opaque and also so it is easier to remove.
Now include your third/splatter color, and with all three of the bottles open you will begin splattering. For the brown patch of polish I took my pink and white and splattered by dipping a straw in the polish bottle and then blowing the color out onto the brown. Then I repeated this step with the brown and white polish over the pink patch.
Allow these to dry overnight or several hours. You have many coats piled up and it will take a good amount of time for this to try.

Once it is fully dry, peel it up from your surface to get this:

Here is a close up to see in comparison to my hand, how big I made my polish strip.

Next you will take each of these strips and cut them into vertical stripes, just wide enough to fit on half of your nail vertically, roughly 1/2 an inch.

Now, it's up to you if you want to have a color foundation on your nail when you start. I bypassed that as I figured these were opaque enough. 
Whether you have a color on or not, allow it to dry and then you will need to use a top coat (or basecoat if you skipped the base color option). Paint one nail with top/base coat at a time. You don't need to allow dry time, once you apply that coat, take one strip (the pink) and apply it to your nail and move it til it's edge is in the center of your nail. Then take the other colored strip (the brown) and do the same, trying to get as close to the edge of the pink side, better to overlap it if needed than to leave a gap in it. Here are all 5 nails with the strips placed on them.

After you have gotten all nail strips applied, your next step is going to be to remove all of that excess polish.

What worked best for me was simply to pull down on the parts that went over my nail tip and rip em off! Then all of the parts that were around the cuticle - easy peasy! Just take your usual clean up brush dipped in acetone and sweep em away - its polish and it really is as easy as cleaning up your regular manicure.

Now is the time you want to make sure all of your seams are pushed down nice and good.

Now you may notice a few patches where maybe you removed to much of the polish decal during cleanup. No sweat - take any or all of your three polish colors and just go back in with the brush they come with and add some dots or sweeps over those bare spots! You can even dot or sweep over the seams to blend the splatters together some and hide any edges.

Now that everything is filled in and cleaned up and should at this point be fairly dry (if your fill in spots were thick, wait a good time for them to dry) - just add your top coat. If you have Gelous, I suggest using it just to spackle any seams up and then finish with a quick dry top coat. But if not, no worries! The seams add to the fact that this is also a tape manicure!

Hope you enjoyed!!!
Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section if any part of this seems confusing!

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  1. Waw seems like a lot of work :) But it's so pretty and I've never seen splatter art like this <3

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  8. This is an amazing manicure and the technique you used is really quite creative.

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  12. This is great, what a brilliant idea ! I have to try it :)

  13. Split splatter? I love that term! I haven't attempted to splatter with actual polish, I've only used acrylic paint and did it directly on the nail but I may have to try this at some point!

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