Two Tone Studs

Well...the title of this post should bring on a hefty bit of spam I'm sure!
Anyway - happy Saturday!
Today's manicure is something fun and fairly easy.
I picked up an awesome find at Michaels last week...their scrapbooking section seems inundated with items that can double for nail art supplies, and I grabbed up some bronze metal square studs that some in  2 or 3 different sizes.
They do however come in a bizarre tube that looks like a lipgloss tube and then you open it to find out is IS a lipgloss tube. Complete with applicator wand. Wtf moment for sure.
So that cuts down on about half of the product they COULD have fit in there....oh well. Good for spur of the moment purchase..since most nail studs you have to buy overseas and wait a small lifetime to receive. Hopefully it helps someone out there!

On to the business!

The hardest part of this is attaching your studs, which is really more about patience than skill or difficulty. I suck at patience.

I started with a dark blue creme as my base.

Then I freehanded color halfway up my nail with a blue to purple duo chrome polish and added top coat.

While the top coat is still wet I grabbed by studs by wetting a small dotting tool to pick up the studs and place them on my nail. The larger studs wouldn't pick up so I used my fingers which smudged my polish a little.

After all studs are applied, added a nice thick layer of top coat to finish up!

For this manicure:
Love & Beauty Indigo
Sephora/Pantone Reflecting Pond
Metal Studs

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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  1. I can think of many things to do with that lip gloss tube! Great for homemade cuticle oil or to hold glue for under glitterbomb polish. Just a couple ideas I guess.

  2. I Love this! I've had a bunch of studs lying around forever, you have inspired me to want to break em out finally! :)

  3. oh i love this!! i'm loving the stud look


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