Ulta - Dance Teal Dawn

Todays swatch post is a prequel to something super awesome I have for you tomorrow.
Firstly - I recently celebrated One Year of Blogging Delight and so I have re-designed the blog (if you've been around awhile, you know this blog has seen it's share of re-designs, I guess it's par for the course when you do graphic design and have too much free time) - so come by and take a peak at the new look!

On to the nails....today I'm showing you a polish I picked up a few months back during a great clearance sale Ulta was having on their store brand line. I think I picked these up for like 2 bucks or less a piece.

This one is called Dance Teal Dawn and it is a stunner of a teal, lots of depth and shimmer.
I do apologize for these photos, they are not up to my normal quality standard, but for some reason I only had taken like 5 pictures of this manicure because it was underwear for something else (see tomorrow!)

I show this polish at 2 coats, no top coat. It could realistically pass but I'd suggest probably 3 coats, it was slightly patchy, but I was covering it so I didn't go for the 3rd. Application was breezy and one thing I really loved about this shade was that in different lights it would appear like a very blackened green, while in others it shown a gorgeous peacock teal.

Have a safe weekend!

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  1. I really love that colour, and I can hardly wait to see what you did with it! :)


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