Hey all!
I'd planned to start back on the Digital Dozen Challenge this week but as is the scheme of my life, when I went to edit my photos to get my posts up, my laptop wouldn't come on.
Since we have other computers here and tablets and all, its apparently not a big deal to see what is wrong...so all of my Mani photos are there and I have nothing at all I can post in the meantime.

So until I have a chance to do my nails, photograph them and borrow a computer, the blog will be on hiatus. Shouldn't be more than a day or three.


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  1. I'll just sit down right here and wait for you to return ;)

  2. Well that sucks, doesn't it! LOL You just got back, we're all exicited to be reading/seeing you again, & now this...I'm gonna sit next to Rainbowfy Me & wait. <3


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