Monday, February 4, 2013

Whimsical Week! Day 1 - Seuss

Hey guys!
Happy Monday to you, or Tuesday in some cases I suppose.
In an attempt to work through my untrieds as well as go back through some of my starter posts and re-do those nightmares, I decided to do a special week dedicated to one of my favorite polish lines - Whimsical Nail Polish.
I have more Whimsical polishes than I do of any other Indie brand, and I have enough to complete a full week of untrieds and re-do's - so let's get it goin'!
I was pretty surprised when I was sorting my tried polishes and untried polishes and came across Seuss sitting there, never used...poor thing.
When Seuss was released, there was pretty much a shitstorm frenzy of ladies nationwide knocking each other over for this polish, myself included. As is the case too many times over though, I gotta have it so bad, and then once I do, I forget all about it!

So, Seuss - a gorgeous turquoise jelly polish, the exact Seuss blue shade, intermixed with big red and silver hex glitters and then smaller blue ones.

Suess shown above in 3 coats, plus a coat of Gelous and a coat of 0-60 Top Coat by Color Club.

Macro-Seuss! <3

Nice and shiny, Gelous and top coat smoothed this out perfectly!

Here is an additional shot with a matte top coat. Can't beat that!

Every Whimsical Polish I own is of superb quality and just wonderful customer service. You can peruse the selections on the Whimsical Nail Polish Facebook Page!

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