Whimsical Week - Day 2 - Kismet's Pajamas

As Day 2 of Whimsical Week continues here, I took a look back at my first swatches of Pam's polishes I'd done.
I actually went ahead and deleted the previous swatch I had of Kismet's Pajamas which was from February 8th of 2012 - wow, I can't believe it's been a year since I bought my first Whimsies!
Anyway - the reason I deleted that post was that several months ago I was digging through my polishes and I came across that first bottle of Kismet's Pajamas (it was, along with Peanut Butter & Jelly, my first Whimsical purchase, not to mention, my first INDIE purchase!) and it looked really....brown. I thought it was strange, so I googled some swatches of it  and it was clearly supposed to be black. I looked at MY swatch of it from when I'd first purchased it, and yep, it was brown. I thought maybe it had bled or something but it appeared I just got it that way.
I was in the middle of placing an order with Pam at the time for her Halloween collection and when I showed her a pic of it her reaction was, well, priceless.
She practically yelled at me through the email to throw it out, throw it out and throw it far far away!
She sent me a replacement for it, and holding them side by side it was obvious I'd just gotten a weird polish originally.
SO now, I can properly show you this beauty.
And upon using it, I literally gushed to my boyfriend at what a gorgeous creation it is.
A black jelly with purple and silver glitter that actually shows through the base and stands out all on it's own.
That is no easy feat.

The signature Whimsical Bottle - bows and adorable labels. I've noticed other Indie companies jumping on the bow bandwagon and it bums me out we can't all have our own creativity.  Why would you spend so much time coming up with an original polish creation and then copy someone else's packaging ideas? 

How juicy is that black jelly? And that glitter???!! Did you know this polish was named after Pams kitty, Kismet? That is one cute cat - you can see her on the Whimsical Facebook page, she is crazy adorable.

I've never to this day owned a black jelly polish that let the glitter be the star of the show. You can see the medium size purple and silver hex glitters and the micro silver and purples also...everything is on display here!

These swatches show 3 coats of Kismet's Pajamas and just one coat of Butter London top coat. This glitter polish smooths out easily.

And just for fun I added a layer of P2 Glamorous Silver Glitter Matte Top Coat to punch up the glitz factor!

Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam can be purchased directly through the Facebook Page/email.
They retail for $10 each and as of publication, I believe she only ships to the US.

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  1. Cosmic weirdness! Pam's bottled yumminess was my 1st Indie buy...I bought PBJ & Kismet's PJs. I guess great minds buy the same polishes. lol I <3 the silver matte top coat too!

  2. Wow. That IS cosmic weirdness. I'm locking my doors!!!

  3. Black jelly? Sign me up! I want PB&J as well!


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