Thursday, February 7, 2013

Whimsical Week - Day 4 - Hatched!

Today I'm showing you 'Hatched' in my week-long Whimsical Week tour!
Yes, I have (sort of) swatched this polish before, but it was kind of under nail art and like earlier stuff I've done...not the best.
Sometimes swatching is boring, I know. SO every now and then I like to punch up a swatch with something different, so I'm going to show you Hatched in a 50/50 mani with a new polish I recently picked up and had been lemming for months!

I'm swatching Hatched alongside Orly Miss Conduct, a stunning pink scattered holo. The funny thing is that when I swatched Hatched for the blog before, I did it under nailart stamping using Manglaze Lesbihonest. And if I'm being 'honest' here, the two pinks looks almost identical.

Hatched is a heartbreakingly beautiful pastel yellow jelly-creme with pastel small and medium glitters. It is the perfect mix of everything you love about Spring.

I have yet to figure out what else would compliment Hatched as well as this shade of pink. I guess thats why I keep coming back to it - tell me they arent perfectly suited?!

These swatches show only one coat of each of these polishes! Can you believe that!?
I taped my bare nail halfway up and painted Miss Conduct. When that was dry, I taped directly over that half and painted the other half with Hatched, in one heavy coat and that's all I needed to cover any nail line up.

Finished with one coat of Out the Door topcoat for perfectly smooth digits. 

One final shot with Matte top coat by Hard Candy. How glorious is the shimmer?

Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam is available strictly through her email system, which you can read more about on her Facebook page. She's just launched a gorgeous collection of Valentines Polishes, too and had extremely quick turnaround time!

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