Adella in Water

So, yesterday I showed you Cult Nails Living Water. It was painful to my soul to remove it, so instead I added to it. And what I added was, if you can believe it, even more amazing than Living Water itself.
True story.

Polishes In This Post:
Cult Nails - Living Water
Sea Lore - Adella

Ok, so here is Adella and Living Water. 

Macro of Sea Lore - Adella. This polish really had me fooled. I had this for a LONG time after winning it in a giveaway last year. Honestly, I never used it because it baffled me as to what to use it with, seemed too sheer to wear on its own. Anyway - its tricky. It has a lightly colored greenish base with TONS of flakies that shift green to gold, then medium hex glitters in a sage green metallic and smaller gold metallic hex glitters!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! What!?!? How flippin' awesome does this look over that blue in Living Water? That dark blue base shows off all of the crazy this polish has to offer.

You can see green, gold, orange, much. So so much.

Shown here at just 1 coat over Living Water and topped with 1 coat of topcoat.

But wait - MATTE?! Shut the front door!

Oh my god, I'm sad now that I have such a small bottle of this polish. Holy moly it is something!
So let's see where YOU can get YOUR very own bottle!

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