Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Epic Dual - The Dragon vs. Edward

You'll know from time to time, I will get goofy, like with the title of this post. Most everyday of my life I act like a 9 year old, so it's bound to spill over onto this blog occasionally!

I don't care for mythology OR vampires, and yet somehow both polishes I used today ended up together in an epic battle! Let's look!

Polishes Used In This Post:
A England - Dragon
Essence - Edwards Love

Todays Indie is A England Dragon. Paired up with Essence Edwards Love from last years Breaking Dawn Collection (huge thanks to Angi for sending this whole collection to me for my birthday in November)

Dragon is a sage green scattered holograpic polish. The holo is weak but the polish is anything but.

For this mani I used Dragon as base and then I painted Edwards Love on wax paper and peeled it off when it was dry and used my star punch to cut stars out and apply them directly to my nail.

Dragon is so insanely cool. It has to be though, if it wants to be a sister to Saint George, my all time favorite polish in the world.

Here you can start to see some holo on the pinky. This is even after 2 coats of topcoat.

And a matte finish, whoooooooosh!

So do you have any A England polishes? They are slightly harder to get for anyone outside of the UK now that the Royal Mail has turned on us, but there are worldwide distributors luckily!
Check out A England here:
(click 'where to buy' to find a distributor in your country)

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