Because I Love YOU - Hard Candy SWATCHES

Yes, I admit I am terrible at doing things like interacting, replying to comments and generally being a good blogger. But when someone asks a question or requests something, I do listen and I do try to accommodate those things when I can.
Luckily for you, I got a break from the stepchild today and decided to do some VERY quick and VERY dirty swatches of the Hard Candy polishes I showed you last night.
Each swatch will be accompanied by yesterdays bottle shots to help save me a little time.

And yes - my fingers are STILL purple. Because of this, my nails are purple too. So I put all of these over 2 coats of Color Club Nomadic Nude.

From Pinky to Thumb:
Hip Hip Hooray (1 coat)
Jubilee (1 coat)
Cocoa Smore (1 coat)
Mermaid Magic (2 coats)
Hip Hip Hooray (1 coat)
All swatches are finished with 1 coat of Gelous followed by 1 coat of Julep Quick Dry Top Coat

Hard Candy Jubilee

Thoughts - 1 coat of this is pretty awesome, it covered well but I think on a bare nail, you may want to go with 2 coats to help with the nail line cover up. I was super pleased with the formula and color potency of this polish - HOWEVER, the orange bars curl. But the color combination is almost enough for it to not bother me. Almost.

Cocoa Smore

Thoughts - Because the base of this polish was virtually identical to the base I used under it, I can't vouch for how many coats you may need, though the thickness of it upon application suggests you should only need 2. This was gorgeous in person and totally made me want cookies. Very work appropriate.

Hip Hip Hooray

Thoughts - Shown at 1 coat, this is your typical clear base glitter top coat. I love the strange combination of colors in it, and it was actually my favorite of the bunch. Those microglitters, yeah, they're squares.

Mermaid Magic

Thoughts - This polish is meant to be worn alone, it is a full on glitter, and at 2 coats I only noticed slight patchiness. You could wear it over a teal (or black) to get better coverage or you could achieve full glitterbomb status at 3 coats. Slightly gritty but 2 coats of top coat should handle that. This was hard to photograph, it is super blingy in person.

 Hope these helped in your choices. All in all I love them each in their own way, as they are all completely different types of polish despite all being glitter polishes. My biggest disappointment came with Jubilee, but I still like it, the curling glitter just bothers me, I know some people don't mind it much, but I do.
Formulas on each polish were outstanding, just right.
Again, these retail for $4 at .26 oz.
For those who maybe don't know as much about sizes and prices, you may think this is a great deal at $4, but it is half the size of most standard polishes. An OPI is .5 oz (virtually double the size overall) and retails for $9 - which is almost what these would cost at the same size. So's a good deal for someone like ME who may or may not ever ever wear it again, but to the normal person who owns 10 polishes and uses a full bottle up, you aren't getting much savings when compared to slightly higher end brands. But these are the first mainstream polishes to come out with really, truly, Indie inspired glitter polishes.

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  1. Yay swatches :D I love Mermaid Magic even more now!

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! I wish Jubilee just didn't have the bar glitter, I would like it so much more (not a bar glitter fan here).

  3. oh my GOSH! Hip Hip Hooray will HAVE to come home with me! That's exactly the amount of glitter I lurve at one coat and square glitter?! YES.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! I think I need to get to Walmart.


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